Monday's Political Cartoons

on 11/17/08

Soy Sale?

on 11/12/08

The state of California has passed a law that forbids schools from having bake sales for fundraisers. No longer can little Billy or Sarah bring their mommy's cupcakes and snicker doodles to school and sell them for 25 cents so that the math club can afford graphing paper.

When I saw the headline for this story online I tried to think of a reasonable cause for this new law...

Maybe a kid got sick from some undercooked pastry item?
Some teenagers slipped in some "special" brownies as a prank?
Maybe this law is aimed at small businesses not operating with the proper licenses for selling food?

No. None of those are the reason. They passed a law that prevents school children from having bake sales to prevent childhood obesity.

First, I have a huge problem with parents that let their 10 year old tip the scales at 100 pounds. I don't care if it is in their genetics to be obese. Get them outside, skip the trip to McDonald's, and feed them a more balanced meal with fruit and those hated veggies.

Unacceptable. I applaud the California lawmakers for stepping up and realizing that this is an issue, but is outlawing school bake sales really the answer? I'll answer that, it's not. That is idiotic.

Better things to change:

  • kid's meals that aren't healthy
  • kids not participating in PE (if running makes you out of breath, that's more reason to keep running!)
  • video games that will not automatically shut-off after one hour

Obama's China

on 11/6/08

President-elect Obama now has under 2 months to fill out his cabinet. The importance of having a wise and balanced group of advisers around the most powerful man on the planet cannot be underestimated. I have 2 men that I would like to see in Barack's cabinet.

Secretary of State
W's: Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice

My Choice: Bill Richardson

I would love to see Bill Richardson in this position. He is the governor of New Mexico and was Bill Clinton's US Ambassador to the United Nations and also Clinton's Secretary of Energy. He has a track record of negotiating with adversaries abroad (such as North Korea). Richardson would also supply Obama with a much-needed Hispanic in his Cabinet-recognition that the president-elect owes a good part of his victory to the Latino vote.

Secretary of Defense
W's: Donald Rumsfeld, Robert Gates

My Choice: Chuck Hagel

It is widely considered that Robert Gates will stay on for an undetermined amount of time to provide a much needed amount of continuity to the situation in Iraq while Obama's administration gets up to speed. Chuck Hagel, the Nebraska GOP senator who has been alienated from his own party over his opposition to the Iraq war and harsh criticism of Bush, sees eye to eye with Obama on many issues. Hagel, a Vietnam veteran highly regarded for his political courage and sober views of military restraint, could well end up being Obama’s token Republican in the Cabinet.

And how can you not like a guy that dresses up like other politicians for Halloween, and goes to meetings like that?

Election Day

on 11/4/08

I am very pleased to report that my polling location at McMillen Junior High (Go Marauders!) in Wylie ran very smoothly and efficiently. I was in and out in roughly 20 minutes and they had the "I Voted" stickers. (I was bummed in 2004 that my polling location didn't have the stickers...)

If you can find a few moments in your day today, please join me in saying a prayer for this election. Not for the results, or that your candidate wins, but that it is controversy free. The winner is clear and this nation can move on. The last thing this country needs is to be further divided with court cases about voter fraud, hanging chads, and the like.

The sun will come up tomorrow even if your candidate does not win. I encourage you to put aside feelings of fear and worry regarding this election, God is bigger than the presidency and he will most certainly take care of his flock.