Chuck Norris Is Pig Latin

on 5/29/09

Normally the hardest part of these clips is getting the actions to line up with what the characters are saying. But this one had a unique challenge. Getting the computerized voice to read and pronounce pig latin in a somewhat reasonable fashion. It didn't really work out, but maybe it's better that way.

How Huckleberry Finn Can Fix Global Warming

on 5/27/09

Here's the link to the article talking about the idea from Obama's Energy Secretary, Steven Chu.

Splendid Awkward Pauses and Electric Dog Collars

on 5/26/09

The Most Interesting Deadlines in the World...

on 5/22/09

Babies, Fire Bathing, and Smores

on 5/20/09

True story. Here's the guy.

Better than a 401k...

on 5/19/09

I actually got the idea for this post from a buddy of mine that had a domain name. Someone approached him about buying it, and after some negotiations he got a good chunk of cash from him. He later finds out, that the person he was negotiating with was a representative from BMW. He probably could have gotten a "ton of money".

Crooked Bumperstickers........Why?

on 5/18/09

The McDonald's Caprice Classic

on 5/14/09

Here are the pics. It seriously was the weirdest car I have seen in quite a while.

Mister Sinner

on 5/12/09

Here is the actual news story for the real Mister Sinner...

My New Blog Format

on 5/11/09