Blogging While Intoxicated

on 2/27/09

Well, I'm not really intoxicated, I'm at work...
But the title makes sense for this post anyways.

Why is marijuana illegal but alcohol is legal?

I can't really get my head wrapped around it myself, so I am looking for some help.

To be fair, here are links to 2 groups on opposite sides of the legalizing marijuana debate:

So, what do you think? Should we allow marijuana use given that it is regulated and restricted to adults, no driving, etc.? Should we try out prohibition again and make alcohol illegal?

Lint Rollers and What Not

on 2/26/09

I'm not Catholic, so I don't make the Fat Tuesday-Lent-Easter Oreo each Spring. But, I do like the concept of it. So, I am going to try my best to give up TV until Easter.

Well, not totally, that's insane. I am going to watch TV if there is a program on that I know I want to watch, or I have something recorded on the DVR, etc.

But, I am not going to play the channel surfing game. There are plenty of things I could probably be doing that are more productive than flipping between ESPNEWS, American Chopper and CNN.

I'm not sure how successful I will be at this, but it's worth a shot, I guess.

Obama's First Mistake

on 2/25/09

I hate to say this, but the man I voted for president has made his first mistake as Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America.

It is being reported that the Obama's have decided on what type of dog they will get now that they are in the White House.

And the man that makes the most important decisions in the entire world, has shown that he can buckle under pressure.

The Obama's are getting a Portugese Water Dog.

I have a few issues with this selection:

  • It is an ugly dog. Plain and simple, that dog is ugly.

  • The dog's breed has another country in it. That may not be a big deal but, it kind of is.

  • The dog ranks 62nd in popularity in the US. That's just behind Whippets and just ahead of Shiba Inus...................Exactly. (How can the US population relate to a man that has a dog that is less popular than the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier???

  • My main problem with the dog though, is that it doesn't look more like this:

Online Lie Detector

on 2/24/09

The St. Petersburg Times (among many other online sites) is taking it upon themselves to personally keep track of every one of President Obama's campaign promises.

That's 510 promises made over the course of Obama's campaign.

So far, Barack is doing fairly well with 15 promises fulfilled, 4 compromises, 20 in the works, and only 2 broken promises.

I like the idea of keeping track of campaign promises and making it easy to access and understand for the general public. I don't remember if something like this was inplace for Clinton or Bush 43, but I hope this type of checks and balances continues throughout Obama's tenure as Prez. *It probably wasn't as popular back in '92 and 2000 simply due to the fact that the internet wasn't the incredible tool it is now.

Regardless of where you stand on Barack's promises, I think it is in the best interest of the political process for the promises he made to be kept. If the majority voted for him based on these campaign speeches, than the promises contained in the speeches should be the framework that he builds his administration on.


on 2/18/09

Does this make more sense than the stimulus plan just passed by Obama and Congress?

Take the 787 billion dollars and divide it evenly between everyone that is 18 years of age or older.

Roughly 260 million Americans are over 17.

$787,000,000,000/260,000,000=$3026 each.

Give each adult in the country 3 grand and I think that will get some money moving around quicker than building roads and preserving national parks. The investments in America's future that are in this bill are good things, but that isn't what this bill should be used for. That's what the government's annual budget is to be used for.

Maybe Obama should just cancel all taxes for one year. Sales tax, corporate tax, income tac. Everything. That'll stimulate the economy for sure.