Not Fair and Balanced

on 4/17/09

This is why I don't like Fox News:

They report this story from the angle that Obama's administration requested all religious symbols be covered up for Obama's speech at Georgetown University.

But in reality, Obama didn't request for any religious symbols to be covered. The White House simply requested that everything that wasn't part of the traditional presidential backdrop (blue curtains and flags) be covered up. That happened to include some religious symbols (it is a Catholic school after all).


FoxNews did report the story accurately in the actual article, but the headline is misleading and FoxNews and their editors know that most people won't take the time to read the article to find the truth.

Not Really A Sitting Duck...

on 4/8/09

If you follow current events at all you have probably seen a story here or there about Somali pirates hijacking large freight liners and holding them for ransom. I've ignored these stories for the most part, but now there is one off the coast of Somalia that had an all-American crew.

What I don't understand is how this boat with 7, maybe 8 "pirates"

can hijack this boat that weighs 17,000 tons.

Why would the freight liner even stop to see what they wanted? Maybe I am simplifying this, but wouldn't a small crew of armed security personnel on the boat be able to ward off some rag tag Somali pirates? Just put a few holes in their motorized canoe and watch them sink. The End. No more pirates.